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How to Start a Small Business Website Content Writing Service
By: Chris Carson

Do you have a knack for writing? Well why not put your talent into good use and starting earning money through your writing? If you've been shut out by high brow editors of the big publications that you have always wanted to work in and you've now resorted to merely blogging away your thoughts, then why not put up your very own small business website content writing service? As far as having the enough capital, well you don't really need much except for your computer - which you obviously have already; a reliable internet connection - this is an absolute must; and of course you natural talent in writing.

Given that what you are trying to establish here is a small business website content writing service, you'd only be dealing with start up or small companies who are still scrambling their way into being able to establish themselves in the market or make their business grow. You can start offering your services to such potential clients, of course try to work around on a budget that they can actually afford and not think too much about profits. If you ask for a huge professional's fee right away, you can well expect your potential clients to get easily turned off and decline on your offer. Remember, given the economic situation these days, businesses are really trying their best to make ends meet while still being able to earn a profit. Try to reason with them how putting up their own website and you managing and helping them with the website's content will boost their companies' sales by being able to reach out to more potential customers without having to spend so much on advertisements etc. Try to find a creative way for you to be able to present this idea to them.

Putting up a small business website content writing service isn't really a novel idea. Given that there are so many people who are switching to a freelance career, there are more ways for small businesses to be able to get somewhat of a consulting or PR service for significantly less the cost compared to how big publicity companies/advertising agencies would usually charge. It would also prove to be very beneficial if you are able to provide them with samples of your work. If you have previously done PR writing, web content writing/editing, or have worked in advertising then you will be able to provide your clients with an impressive body of work just so that they will be able to get a feel of your style. In case you and your potential client have seemingly different styles, try to properly gauge if your client does have a point. Do not be overly biased and imposed your personal style and taste on your clients, try to work with them and adjust to what they want, what their company needs, after all they are paying you to do exactly this. However, when you are somewhat hesitant about a certain suggestion that you client has, do voice out your concerns and hopefully the two of you will be able to work out a solution.

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