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Comparing Small Business Web Hosting To Find The Best One
By: Koz Huseyin

Comparing web hosting small business plans can be time consuming, however, a crucial step in your future success with your business online. Making the right decision is not simply an act of getting the best price webhosting.

Web hosting for small business is different then picking hosting packages for personal websites. There is so much to consider. Web hosting for small business has unique needs, and also features which many free hosting or when comparison webhosting small business you might not find.

For example when doing a comparison web hosting small business, you might not realize that some small business web hosting companies only allow hosting off of the hosting companies domain. In effect you might only be able to host your small business on a sub domain.

A domain is this:

A sub domain is this:

As you can see, this is not a good way to go, if you want to look professional. There are workarounds such as buying your domain elsewhere and simply pointing or forwarding the domain to that sub domain. But, this is not as flexible as we want it. So our comparison web hosting small business search continues.

Another point to consider is that of how you can manage your small business website and domain. This is a big consideration, as you may want to the flexibility to change certain things. Such as creating email addresses and adding sub domains.

When doing comparison webhosting small business, you may find that your small business website hosting company has a proprietary system which could be a problem when moving as you might have to learn the new web hosting companies control panel system and how things are done. Again another point to consider when doing comparison web hosting small business.

One way I have found and I feel is the greatest. A lot of the smaller web hosting companies and now larger web hosting small business companies are offering a control panel called funnily enough cPanel! This interface is becoming a huge favourite. It gives you an easy to use interface that you can get used to in 5 minutes and also when you move host, you will be presented with cPanel again. So no need for learning a new system again. When doing comparison website hosting small business, you will find those details as well.

The control panel becomes very useful when you have a new staff member and want to create an email account for them. A small business website hosting company might need you to contact them to create email addresses. When doing a comparison web hosting small business, you very likely will not have this problem. However, it generally happens if you have had someone or a company do your web designing.

Before leaving this article and you can do a comparison web hosting small business to find a website hosting company for your needs, consider also email. Email is an important part of having an online presence. Make sure when doing a comparison web hosting small business that you can have as many emails as you want to.

Many companies try limiting the amount of email addresses you can create. This may not seem like a problem at first; however, if you wanted to set up auto responders who would notify people of several different products, you could find yourself in needing a solution and fast. Also consider when doing comparison web hosting small business of how you can access email. POP email options as well as web mail options are great for in office and out of office access of emails.

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